Molletes are a Mexican dish, usually made with refried beans, cheese and salsa. I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit, using a quick homemade bean chilli and fresh avocado. It’s more effort, but it makes for a lovely fresh sunday brunch. Continue reading “Molletes”

Piparkook (Estonian Gingerbread)

‘Tis the season to eat too much food. Continue reading “Piparkook (Estonian Gingerbread)”

Back from Burma

So firstly, apologies, I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now. Partly that’s because I was travelling and then once back work and then Christmas intervened. However I did come back from my trip armed with new ideas for the kitchen! Continue reading “Back from Burma”

Focaccia with sea salt and rosemary

A lot of recipes make focaccia with just strong bread flour but for both pizza and focaccia dough I normally blend half and half plain flour and bread flour. The lower gluten content of the plain four gives a much softer crust.

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Deconstructed Jaffa Cake

I wanted to test out making some fruit gels and jelly and it sort of evolved into this take on the familiar Jaffa Cake. The main component is a dark chocolate and Cointreau ice cream. There’s also fresh orange jelly and a ‘cake’ crumb, the recipes for which are below.

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Dark chocolate and Cointreau ice cream

This ice cream is incredibly rich, although the Cointreau does help to cut through the chocolate a little. I made it as part of my deconstructed Jaffa Cake experiment, but I will definitely be re-using the recipe when I want chocolate ice cream, with or without Cointreau.

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Mini jalapeño cornbread muffins

I could probably sit and eat a plate of these on their own, but they also make a great side for barbecue ribs.

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The word ‘Naan’ stems from an old Persian word that simply means bread, but at least in the UK it’s normally associated with South Asian leavened flatbreads, cooked on the inside of a tandoor (or clay oven). Cooking naan in a regular oven won’t work, but you can cheat by dry frying it instead.
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Chicken tikka skewers with cumin and coriander onions

Up to a certain age chicken tikka was the only thing I would ever order on the rare occasions that we got a family Indian takeout. To be fair to 8 year old me, it is delicious.
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